Weight loss FAQ part 1

It’s June. I actually started this blog thinking I would write about weight loss. And I’ve written a bunch on the subject. But all a bunch of false starts. Let’s see how this shakes out as a FAQ. Here’s what I have so far. Please don’t take any of this as medical advice.

Q: What do you know about weight loss?
A: I’m currently about 162 lbs at 5’11”. I used to weight about 220 lbs 10 years ago. A really long time ago in high school, my max weight was 240 lbs.

Q: How’d you lose weight?
A: Lots of ways, most recently through what I call my “meat, cheese, and eggs diet.” The diet is exactly what it sounds like.

Q: You don’t eat fruits or vegetables?
A: I hate to admit it, but I’m allergic to almost every fruit. It’s oral allergy syndrome, nothing life threatening. But I don’t care for fruit at all. I like vegetables but honestly feel better not eating them. I eat vegetables rarely.

Q: Do you take vitamins or supplements?
A: Occasionally multi-vitamin. Occasionally caffeine, magnesium, BHB.

Q: How do you not get constipated?
A: Eat more fat.

Q: Why’d you lose weight?
A: Lots of reasons, different reasons at different points in my life. Most recently for Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions.

Q: What’s your diet advice?
A: Everyone is different, I would never make a blanket recommendation that my way of eating is best. It seems to work for me. My first advice for anyone is “No sugar. No flour.” At least try your damndest to cut out sugar and flour. I first did a keto diet in medical school, over 10 years ago. Made me realize how much sugar is added to food, trying to shop back then.

Q: What about sweeteners?
A: People’s reactions are very different here. For me, artificial sweeteners make me feel terrible. I think the best thing would be to quit. Especially if you’re hooked on diet soda. People should drink water. Maybe with a little flavor. Definitely not with sugar or sweetener.

Q: You don’t drink alcohol?
A: Rarely red wine or bourbon and club soda.

Q: How do i do your diet.
A: First of all, I can’t really recommend my diet to anyone. But if you want to know, this is how I do it: Cook a bunch of ground beef into patties. Cook a bunch of eggs. Put a ton of melted cheese over everything. Drink water. If you’re craving something sweet, eat a full fat piece of cheese.

Q: How am I going to feel on your diet.
A: If you’ve never quit carbs before, you’ll feel awful. It’ll be like quitting any other addiction. You’ll have intense cravings. You’ll wait them out. They’ll fade. Over time, they’ll hit less and less often. Then once you adapt, it’s feels great. Like a cheat code for life. Relationship with food and hunger completely changes.

Q: Isn’t this diet bad for you?
A: My blood pressure is normal. My cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, HDL are all tip-top. I feel mentally more clear than ever. My eczema is gone. So for whatever that’s worth. I’m not sure everyone will do as well on the amount of cheese I eat. It’s kind of an insane amount of cheese.

Q: Is this diet sustainable?
A: I’ve been eating this way since March 2018. Burger patties at first. Now I also broil, roast, and stew meat. Simple cooking, just meat, salt, pepper, maybe some olive oil if broiling a steak. Meat, cheese, eggs. All I need. So far, so good.

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