Gotta start somewhere

So it’s 2019. Happy New Year. I started my first blog in 2009. People liked that blog. I liked writing that blog. Somehow, some way, I lost the drive. So like I did 10 years ago for 2009, I’m making a New Year’s resolution for 2019. I am going to write.

In school, my 2 best subjects were always Math and English. I remember being near high school graduation, speaking to my English teacher, Mr Appels. I was saying something about my difficulties finding inspiration to write. And he said to me, “If you want to be a writer, you have to write.”

I think about that a lot. So here it goes.

I may be embarrassed putting out such a shoddy product but like it says above, gotta start somewhere. And I’m starting here. My first blog from a decade ago was all these crazy stories that I wanted to put out anonymously. Since then, I’ve become more comfortable putting out stories as the person I am. There are things that I’ve learned that I want to put down on paper, maybe just for me.

Actually, if I’m really being honest, it’s because I want to be a writer, and what is it to be a writer without an audience? Also what is a writer if he doesn’t keep writing? There are so many things about writing swirling in my head and it’s a struggle getting these ideas out.

I am out of practice.

My other inspiration was that I just finished the David Goggins book, Can’t Hurt Me. The big message of that book is getting out of your comfort zone and staying out of your comfort zone. So what if I used to be a good writer? So what if I’m terrified to start writing again? It’s a good thing I’m terrified. It means I’m getting out of my comfort zone. It means I’m growing as a person. So I’ll stop here for now. This is my new beginning. Thanks for reading this far. More to come very soon.

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